Save Them From Their Daily Doomscroll With One of These Good Morning Texts

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While we all love and lust after a sultry-sweet goodnight text, let us not neglect the fine art of the good morning text. Potentially controversial opinion alert, but you might even say the good morning message is superior to its after-dark counterpart. Don’t get me wrong, a “Goodnight, beautiful ;)” still carries plenty of weight. But a good morning text just brings a certain intimacy to the game that even the sexiest GN text can’t quite match, one that signals your relationship (or situationship, or textationship, or flirtationship, or—well, you get it) has officially reached The Next Level.

I mean, think about it. Texting someone before you pass out to let them know that, well, you’re about to pass out is, in some cases, more of courtesy than a romantic gesture. Like, you may just be saying goodnight to end the conversation and avoid leaving someone on read. But there is simply no mistaking the significance of a good morning text. If you’re getting a “Good morning gorgeous/handsome/babe/etc.” from your person, that pretty much means one thing and one thing only: You’re one of the first things on their mind when they wake up (and they want to make sure they’re the first thing on yours). So yeah, pretty serious stuff if you ask moi.

Which, ahem, is why you want to make sure you’re crafting the perfect text when it comes time to level up your ’ship with that first morning missive. It’s also why, even if you and your partner have been in the good morning text game for a minute now, you’re gonna wanna keep things fresh by mixing it up from time to time. (Yes, unfortunately, “Good morning, babe:)” gets a little old after a while, JS.) The good news? There’s literally no need to stress, because we’ve gone right ahead and curated this expertly crafted list of good morning texts. Whether you’re looking to keep it sweet and simple, cute and casual, or venture toward the flirty (and dirty) side, look no further for the perfect good morning text for every vibe and relationship stage.

Cute Good Morning Texts

  1. “Good morning, my love!” (Look, it’s a timeless classic for a reason, okay?)

  2. “Morning cutie. Ready for another long day of being my favorite person?”

  3. “Good morning! Hope this is the first thing you see when you open those gorgeous eyes of yours.”

  4. “Wake up, Sleepyhead! It’s time to be adored within an inch of your life!”

  5. “Babe, wake up! I have to tell you something suuuper important.” (Then when they reply just say, like, “Good morning!” or “I love you!” or whatever.)

  6. “Good morning! I hope this text doesn’t wake you up (but also I low-key kinda do because I can’t wait to talk to you).”

  7. “Thank god it’s finally morning so we can talk again.”

  8. “Not to be dramatic, but having to wait for you to wake up so we can talk is kinda the hardest part of my day.”

  9. “Goood morning! Hope your dreams were half as sweet as you.”

  10. “Well, well, well, if it isn’t another perfect day to be dating the hottest person I know.”

  11. “So tell me, what’s it like waking up to yet another day of being as flawless as you?”

  12. As much as I love texting you good morning, I’ll never love it more than I hate not waking up in bed with you.”

  13. “Good morning to the cuddliest of cuties.”

  14. “Good morning! Can’t wait to cuddle the fuck out of you later.”

  15. “Good morning, lover.”

Casual Good Morning Texts

  1. “Good morning! ☀️” (I’ve said this before but it bears repeating: The sun emoji is the perfect low-pressure choice for when you wanna add a little something to your good morning message but aren’t 100% ready to tread into fully flirty emoji territory.)

  2. “Morning! How’d you sleep?”

  3. “Sorry, totally passed out last night. How’s your day?” (Use this when you strategically “fall asleep” while texting your talking stage crush as a free pass to restart a new convo the next day.)

  4. “Omg, did you see this?! [Insert meme/post/TikTok/article relevant to something you recently talked about.]”

  5. “I can tell already this is gonna be a two coffee minimum kinda morning. How about you?”

  6. “Hey, thanks so much for last night! Had the best time with you. Shall we do it again sometime?” (Aka, the perfect post-first-date followup that doubles as a sneaky good morning text, thus setting the seed early for future good morning texts to become a staple.)

  7. “Morning! Hope you have a great day!”

  8. “Hope you slept well! Any chance you’d be down to grab coffee/brunch/drinks/etc. Later?”

  9. “I’m pretty sure I had a dream about you last night.” (Full disclosure: This one comes off casual but has the potential to turn steamy, so use with caution if you’re not there yet.)

  10. “Good morning! Can’t wait to see you tonight!” (You know, assuming you have plans that night. Perfect chill way to start a convo *and* ensure your date is still on. A true win-win.)

Flirty Good Morning Texts

  1. “Okay, so obviously waking up next to me is the best way to start your day, but hopefully getting this text is a close second.”

  2. “Good morning! Wish we were cuddling right now.”

  3. “Okay but it actually feels low-key illegal that we’re not waking up together right now?”

  4. “Is it just me, or would this morning be infinitely better if we were waking up in each other’s arms?”

  5. “Okay, but how great would it be if we could just spend the whole day in bed together?”

  6. “Good morning! (Full disclosure, I’m sending this because I wanna be the first thing on your mind today.)”

  7. “So, I didn’t not dream about you last night…”

  8. “Good morning! Hope you didn’t miss me *too* much last night.”

  9. “Good morning to the hottest person I know.”

  10. “I don’t consider myself a morning person, but getting to text you every morning has made it a whole lot easier to stop hitting snooze on my alarm.”

  11. “You know, I can really only think of one thing that would make this morning better…”

  12. “Morning, hot stuff ;)”

  13. “Morning! Pretty sure I was in your dreams last night, did ya see me?”

hot Good Morning Texts

  1. “Good morning, gorgeous. Can I come over and make it a great one?”

  2. “As much as I love getting to text you good morning, I’d much rather have kept you up all night.”

  3. “Good morning, babe. Any particularly wet dreams you’d like to share?”

  4. “You looked hot as hell in my dream last night, BTW. Any guesses as to what I was dreaming about?”

  5. “Good morning, hot. Wish you were here for morning sex right now.”

  6. “Morning! Hope you had sweet (or naughty) dreams.”

  7. “Is it horny in here this morning, or is it just me?”

  8. “Woke up wanting you this morning. Wish I could show you exactly how much.”

  9. “Morning, breakfast is served! (It’s me, I’m breakfast. Get over here while it’s still hot.)”

  10. “Was up all night thinking about you…”

  11. “Can I come over later and show you what I wish we were doing right now?”

  12. “I’m afraid you’re going to have to cancel your plans today. I need you right here, right now.”

  13. “Wish I were having you for breakfast this morning.”

  14. “Morning sex with you is so good it feels borderline illegal waking up without it.”

  15. “The only thing getting me out of bed this morning is the thought of getting into yours later tonight.”

  16. “Woke up with wayyy too much energy today. Mind wearing me out later?”

  17. “Please tell me I’m not the only one who woke up horny this morning?”

  18. “What is it about us that has me waking up hornier than ever every damn morning these days?”

  19. “Wish you were here so I could show you exactly what we did in my dreams last night.”

  20. “Wanna see exactly what dreaming about you all night does to me in the morning?”

Funny Good Morning Texts

  1. “Wakey-wakey, eggs and bakey! (You’re making breakfast, right?)”

  2. “Good morning to you and your glorious morning breath!”

  3. “You’re sleeping. I’m in desperate need of attention, and you’re sleeping?”

  4. “Babe, wake up, it’s time to pay attention to me!”

  5. “Good morning! If you need me I’ll just be waiting here for you to wake up!”

Long-Distance Good Morning Texts

  1. “Only [insert number] days till I get to wake up next to you.”

  2. “Good morning, my love. I miss waking up next to you.”

  3. “I don’t even mind getting out of bed in the morning because I know every day that goes by I’m one day closer to getting to see you.”

  4. “Good morning! Can’t wait to wake up next to you again.”

  5. “Day [insert number] of not waking up in your arms.”

  6. “Wish I were cooking you breakfast this morning. Since I can’t, I’m ordering some sent straight to your place. Eat up, love!”

  7. “Can’t stop thinking about what I’m going to do next time I get to wake up in your bed.”

  8. “Missing you this morning and every morning.”

  9. “Missing you a little extra this morning.”

  10. “Wish I were cuddling you this morning.”

  11. “Woke up thinking about what it would be like to have you in my arms this morning. Miss you.”

  12. “Wish I could wake you up with good morning kiss, but this will have to do for now! 😘”

Romantic Good Morning Texts

  1. “Good morning, my love. I love you more every single day.”

  2. “Good morning! Did you know I’m so in love with you?”

  3. “It’s another great day to be in love with you.”

  4. “Not sure how it’s possible, but I’m pretty sure I woke up even more in love with you today than I was yesterday.”

  5. “Every day I wake up lucky enough to have you by my side is the new best day of my life.”

  6. “Good morning, love of my life!”

  7. “Good morning, love. Remind me again how I got lucky enough to be the one who gets to text you that every day?”

  8. “Morning! Just checked the weather and it looks like there is a strong chance of love in the air today.”

  9. “Morning, sunshine. Have I told you recently that you’re the love of my life?”

  10. “Good morning! It’s another great day to be in love!”

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