New scam: Escape ‘hit list’ for a fee

By Janvic Mateo
New scam: Escape ‘hit list’ for a fee

“We were asked to kill you, but we can spare your life for a fee.”

Several netizens have reported what appeared to be a new scam or modus for extortion riding on the spate of killings that has plagued the country in recent months.

At least three different posts, including one supposed recording, claimed that a man who identified himself as “Alex Guerrero” informed them that their organization was ordered to kill the person on the other end of the line.

At least two mobile numbers were attributed to the caller but the narrative appeared to be similar.

Based on the posts, the caller introduces himself as a member of an organization of hired killers and provided available details about the “victim” such as their full name, address or where they are employed to give credence to their claim.

The caller will then inform the “victim” that he feels guilty about the order and then ask for money in exchange for being excluded from the hit list.

In the recorded conversation shared on social media, the caller claimed that the money would be used as return fare for the members of their organization who traveled to Metro Manila to execute the order.

A netizen who posted about the call said she hung up upon sensing that it was a scam.

“But it’s not to say that I didn’t get scared, especially when I found out that the man initially called my office and found out my personal number there after saying he has a very urgent matter that he needs to talk to me about,” read one of the posts.

“I should have peace of mind knowing that I’m not involved with anything that could endanger my safety, however, with more and more people getting killed for no reason each day – one case being that of Lauren Rosales, a K-pop fan with no history of illegal drug use – I don’t think anybody’s safe anymore,” the post added.

Rosales was killed by an unidentified assailant on July 21 in Makati City while she was in a passenger jeepney. Her brother Petronio, who was supposed to meet with police investigators regarding his sister’s case, was gunned down last month in Barangay San Antonio, also in Makati City.

Another person who received a similar call warned against such apparent scams.

“See what happens when there is impunity on extrajudicial killings? Criminals would use such immunity to their advantage to commit more crimes,” the post read.

“And why am I posting about this? So that you will be aware of the new modus because if you are not smart enough, this strategy might consume you and you will be their next prey,” it said.