Scarlett Johansson Puts It All Out There For Fiancé Colin Jost On 'Saturday Night Live'

If anyone had any doubts about Scarlett Johansson’s solid relationship with her fiancé, “Weekend Update” host Colin Jost, she put them to bed. Johansson declared at the end of her monologue hosting “Saturday Night Live” for her sixth time that she met the “love of my life” on the program.

The couple also wrapped up their stint together at the end of the show Saturday with some PDA amid the rest of the cast.

During her monologue she quipped that she wasn’t worried about screwing up. “What are they going to do? Fire my fiancé?” Johansson asked. “Oh no,” she added, pretending to be worried: “What will we do without his paycheck?”

The monologue took a weird twist as cast members coming on stage began to dissolve, apparently due to the return of Thanos, villainous enemy of Johansson’s Avengers character Black Widow. (“First Asian cast member and you guys are dusting me? Twitter is going to eat you alive!” Bowen Yang hilariously complained as he dissolved.)

It turned out not to be the work of Thanos, but Pete Davidson, who had purchased Thanos’ destructive infinity gauntlet online.

“I just want to say that this place means so much to me,” Johansson said at the end of her monologue. “I have so many friends here, and I met the love of my life here,” she gushed before kissing Jost — twice.

Check out her monologue in the video up top.

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