School goes on in Singapore lecture hall as rain pours through ceiling (Video)

Singapore’s universities are so serious that a bit of torrential rain coming through the ceiling is apparently not enough to interrupt the educational process.

As seen in a video recently shared on TikTok, rain can be seen gushing through the ceiling lights of a lecture hall at the National University of Singapore. The people in the room (including the lecturer) appear aware but the class continued on anyways.

“The rain [really] came through our ceiling…mid-lecture,” TikTok user Eldora Boo wrote in the video posted yesterday.

According to Eldora, this particular lecture hall has a history of problems, including a faulty aircon and lights “turning off on their own.” Some of the hall’s panels were also soaked, probably due to the nearly non-stop rain we’ve been experiencing since the start of the year.

Many users in the comments said it was a knockoff of the famed rain vortex in Jewel Changi Airport.

Some joked that it was a water feature that might inspire the school’s architecture students.

“[T]he architecture students are writing this feature down in their notebooks as we speak,” C_.ereal wrote.

One user was all about positivity.

“Not flooding yet, alls good,” TikTok user Owen wrote.

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