Schoolboy in tahfiz school beating dies

Chuah Bee Kim

JOHOR BARU: Mohamad Thaqif Amin Mohd Gaddafi, whose legs were amputated after alleged beatings at his tahfiz school hostel, has died.

He passed away at 2.05pm today at the High Dependency Ward of the Sultan Ismail Hospital.

His father Mohd Ghadiffi Mat Karim, 43, said he and his wife, Felda Wani Ahmad, were by their son’s side when he died.

“The family had already read the Yassin. Thaqif did not regain consciousness,” he said.

He said the family has accepted the death as fate.

“I was with my youngest child outside the ward when Thaqif died,” he said.

Thaqif had his legs amputated on Friday to prevent spread of an infection. He had undergone surgery the next day to treat congealed blood in one of his hands.

He had been hospitalised after severe bouts of pain which occurred days after he had been allegedly beaten by the assistant warden at his religious school hostel in Kota Tinggi.

Police have said that the boy and 14 others of his schoolmates were allegedly beaten with a water hose by the assistant warden on March 24 because they had made noise in the school surau.

His right arm was also in danger of being amputated. Doctors had planned to amputate the arm this morning but had to suspend the operation as his condition took a turn for the worse.