Schoolgirl vows to give away all of her Christmas presents to children in Africa

Kind-hearted Phoebe Greening has pledged to give her Christmas presents to children in Africa after seeing a TV advert (Picture: SWNS)

A kind-hearted schoolgirl has vowed to give away all of her Christmas presents to children in Africa after seeing their plight on a TV advert.

Phoebe Greening was apparently moved to tears by a Save the Children advert and decided she wanted to make a difference.

The eight-year-old has now insisted that she wants to give her Christmas presents away and is also selling off some of her old clothes and toys to raise money to donate to poor children overseas.

Phoebe, from Grange Park in Swindon, Wiltshire, said: "I was watching the TV with my mum and then the advert played.It was about the children in Africa who are poor. It made me feel very sad because they haven’t got food or clean water.

Marsha said she was proud of her daughter for her generous gesture (Picture: SWNS)

She said: "I want to give these people some food and water and to give up Christmas because I’d rather they got my presents and be happy.”

Her proud mum Marsha Greening, 47, said Phoebe had broken down after seeing the advert.


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She said: “Phoebe was just crying and she was saying how she wanted to help them and give our food and everything we could to them.

"She didn’t want to have Christmas and she wants them to have her presents. She was asking me why Santa isn’t helping them because she thought he went to see everyone.”

Phoebe made the decision after seeing an advert for Save the Children on TV (Picture: SWNS)

She added: "It’s hard explaining why that is because you still want your child to believe in those things. But she wants to do something to feel like she has helped she only wants to help people who are less fortunate.

"I’m very proud of her. She has such a lovely, beautiful, kind heart."

Marsha and Phoebe haven’t decided yet where they want to donate the money that they raise.

They are also taking part in a Samaritans shoebox scheme where they fill shoeboxes with food, toiletries and toys to be sent to children in underdeveloped countries for Christmas.

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