Science teacher on TikTok reveals why wine stoppers are made of cork: ‘How crazy is that?’

A retired science teacher is explaining why wine bottles use corkscrews.

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TikToker @wolf_science was a teacher for 34 years before sharing his knowledge on TikTok. In a popular video, the expert explained why cork is an ideal material to seal a wine bottle. It turns out that there actually aren’t as many options as you might think.

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“If I take a rubber band, and I stretch the rubber band, it’ll get longer, but it also gets thinner. This property of deformation goes back to something called Poisson’s ratio,” he said.

The Poisson effect states that stretching certain materials makes them thinner and longer while compressing them makes them fatter and shorter. But because a corkscrew has a Poisson’s ratio of zero, it becomes shorter but not fatter when compressed.

“How crazy is that?” he explained. “So you can slide it into a wine bottle with no problem.”

People in the comment section praised the helpful science video.

“Great video!! This question never came to my mind but now learnt something new,” a user wrote.

“As someone that home brews mead. This is very cool science and a question I’ve always thought of,” a person commented.

“You are the teacher I never had and that I need,” another added.

“As a chemical engineer, I really appreciate material science, it is fascinating,” someone said.

“I wish I had you as my science teacher when I was in high school,” a TikToker replied.

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