‘Screaming’ customers bully staff at Singapore hawker for not giving 5 extra bowls for 2 desserts

A hawker stall owner is seeking justice after customers allegedly ganged up on his staff after making an unreasonable request.

Foo Choong Lim, who owns a dessert store in Ang Mo Kio Hawker center, went online to lament about an incident involving a group of customers who flared up at his staff for not giving them the five extra empty bowls they requested after ordering only two bowls of dessert.

He told 8 Days that they were “young” men and women in their 30s.

“What [happened] next is [an] ugly sight that involved screaming, her whole group [stood] in front of the store and [shamed] my auntie,” he wrote.

Foo said after the purchase, a woman came up and asked for one empty bowl and took “many” disposable spoons. Then, another person from the same group came up and asked for four more bowls but they had to refuse as the stall had limited bowls to last for the day.

The staff auntie offered their takeaway bowls instead for S$0.20 each but that’s when things got heated and the entire group allegedly came up to the auntie and screamed at her.

“No one does business like this!” Foo claimed one of the customers saying.

Foo said they threatened to post the incident on social media.

The green bean soup and Cheng Tng (sweet Singaporean herbal soup) desserts, which cost S$3.60 in total, are portioned for one person.

Foo explained that they could only wash all the bowls after they close for the day and if all the bowls were used up, they have to give away the takeaway containers which will affect their profit.

“Please when making [a] request, for extra chopsticks, chili, bowl, sauces plate etc, please take what you need and request only what is reasonable ….. please, for $3.60 and [asking] for extra 5 bowl[s] will mean we need to wash 7 bowl[s] for $3.60 and all the bullying we may encounter when we refuse is really depressing.


” he wrote.

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