Sculptor 'recreates what was demolished' in Mosul

STORY: This Iraqi sculptor is recreating

the rich history of his hometown

Location: Mosul, Iraq

Mosul was captured by the

Islamic State in 2014

Many of the city's ancient sites

and artifacts were destroyed then

(Khaled al-Abadi, Sculptor)

"During the Islamic State period, when my colleague Omar and I were walking around, we would see the statues that were removed, and the gates that were being demolished, we were really troubled by this. We had the hope and ambition to recreate them after the liberation. And thank God, we really enjoyed recreating what had been destroyed."

Abadi's murals depict Iraq's history

from the Assyrian empire in ancient Nineveh

to the Islamic State occupation

(Khaled al-Abadi, Sculptor)

"We want to remind the coming generations that this is the history of Nineveh. This is the history of Mosul. This is the history of Iraq. They see in front of their eyes the works that were destroyed."