SEA Games Esports Day 8: PH take MLBB gold, lead in LoL, PUBGM teams

The Philippines earned its second gold medal of the 2022 Hanoi SEA Games esports event after its representatives for Mobile Legends defeated their Indonesian counterparts. (Photo: SIBOL Facebook page)
The Philippines earned its second gold medal of the 2022 Hanoi SEA Games esports event after its representatives for Mobile Legends defeated their Indonesian counterparts. (Photo: SIBOL Facebook page)

The eighth day of the 2022 Hanoi Southeast Asian Games esports event on Friday (20 May) saw the Philippines claim the gold medal for Mobile Legends and take the lead in the League of Legends (LoL) and PUBG Mobile team competitions.

The Arena of Valor (AoV) tournament also began with its group stage, with Thailand and Vietnam coming out ahead of the pack.

Mobile Legends

With the bronze medal match wrapping up the day before, the Mobile Legends competition advanced into its final stage on Friday, where the Philippines faced off against Indonesia for the gold medal.

The Philippines started the match strong with a game one win before Indonesia took game two for themselves.

The Filipino team then scored the next two games for a 3-1 series victory, giving the Philippines its second gold medal in the esports event.

Mobile Legends Final Standings

  1. Philippines (Gold)

  2. Indonesia (Silver)

  3. Singapore (Third)

  4. Malaysia

  5. Vietnam

  6. Myanmar

  7. Laos

League of Legends

The LoL competition kicked off with its group stage, which saw the representatives from Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, and Laos get split into two groups of three teams each. The top two teams from each group will then advance to the playoffs.

Both the Philippines and Singapore finished the initial Group A matches tied for the top spot with a 3-1 record apiece.

The Philippines defeated Singapore in the ensuing tiebreaker to earn the top seed while the latter settled for the other playoff spot for Group A. Thailand was eliminated after failing to win a single game.

Host country Vietnam took the top spot in Group B with a clean 4-0 sweep. Malaysia took the other playoff spot with a 2-2 record while Laos was eliminated after going winless.

The LoL playoffs will kick off on Saturday (21 May) with the Philippines taking on Malaysia while Vietnam will face Singapore. The winners of those two matches will advance to the gold medal match while the losers will drop to the bronze medal match.

PUBG Mobile group tournament

The PUBG Mobile group tournament also kicked off its playoff stage, with the 16 qualified teams playing five matches per day from 20 to 22 May in an effort to rack up the most points.

The two teams from the Philippines ended the first playoff day in podium position, with Philippines 1 leading the pack with 75 points while Philippines 2 sits in third place with 60 points. Myanmar 1 took second place with 62 points.

PUBG Mobile group tournament playoff standings:

  1. Philippines 1 - 75p

  2. Myanmar 1 - 62p

  3. Philippines 2 - 60p

  4. Myanmar 2 - 50p

  5. Thailand 1 - 50p

  6. Vietnam 1 - 50p

  7. Malaysia 1 - 39p

  8. Vietnam 2 - 36p

  9. Indonesia 1 - 34p

  10. Thailand 2 - 29p

  11. Cambodia - 24p

  12. Indonesia 1 - 23p

  13. Brunei 2 - 20p

  14. Brunei 1 - 20p

  15. Malaysia 2 - 15p

  16. Laos 1 - 14p

Arena of Valor

The third mobile MOBA of the tournament, Arena of Valor, also started its group stages, where representatives from Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, Laos, and Malaysia competed.

All matches in this stage were played in a best-of-two, with the top three teams advancing onto the final stage.

After five matches, Thailand and Vietnam were tied in the lead with 10 points and a 3-1-0 round tally. Thailand claimed sole possession of the top spot after defeating Vietnam in the tiebreaker.

Meanwhile, Malaysia and Laos finished with 4 points each, with the former taking the third seed after winning their tiebreaker. Finally, the Philippines was eliminated in last place with 0 points.

Arena of Valor Group Stage standings

  1. Thailand – 10p

  2. Vietnam – 10p

  3. Malaysia – 4p

  4. Laos – 4p

  5. Philippines – 0p

Esports Medal Tally

With the day's results, Indonesia moved up into second place on the charts with another silver medal, while the Philippines earns its second gold medal.

To that end, Thailand still leads the Hanoi Southeast Asian Games esports with five medals — one gold, one silver, and three bronze.

Vietnam and Singapore now sit at third and fourth place with 3 medals, while the Philippines sit at fifth place with 2 gold medals. Finally, Malaysia sits in last place with 1 medal.

  1. Thailand – 5 (1g, 1s, 3b)

  2. Indonesia – 4 (1g, 3s)

  3. Vietnam – 3 (2g, 1s)

  4. Singapore – 3 (1s, 2b)

  5. Philippines – 2 (2g)

  6. Malaysia – 1 (1b)

The esports event at the 2021 Hanoi Southeast Asian Games is taking place at Hanoi's National Convention Center from 13 to 22 May.

The event will feature ten esports competitions: League of Legends, Men's and Women's League of Legends: Wild Rift, Mobile Legends, Individual and team PUBG Mobile, Arena of Valor, Free Fire, Cross Fire, and FIFA Online 4.

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