SEA Games organisers call for fans to behave after ‘Singapore dogs’ incident

Malaysia fans at the SEA Games football match between Singapore and Malaysia on 16 Aug. PHOTO: Fadza Ishak for Yahoo News Singapore

SEA Games organisers have called for football fans to be civil after video footage showed Malaysian football supporters chanting “Singapore dogs” during the football match between Singapore and Malaysia last Wednesday (16 Aug).

The chants began as the second half of the match got underway. Malaysia’s fans know as Ultras Malaya have been know to hurl insults at Singapore’s football teams during matches between the two countries.

The SEA Games is a sporting event which is “based on a strong spirit of togetherness and sportsmanship”, said the Malaysia Organising Committee (MASOC) in a statement on 22 Aug.

“Any incident that is contradictory to this spirit of togetherness and unity, especially hurling of insults at other participating nations in whatever form, is highly regrettable,” said MASOC.

“Fans are urged to refrain from chanting offensive religious or racial slurs at all times.” it said.

Despite pleas from the organisers to observe good conduct, media reports on Tuesday said that two Myanmar football fans were beaten up following Malaysia’s 3-1 win over Myanmar at the Shah Alam Stadium on Monday (21 Aug). Both were sent to hospital following the incident.

Photos and videos of the incident posted online showed one man’s face covered in blood.

No arrests have been made yet.

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