Seafood staple stall King of Seafood Soup to cease operations as of 30 May 2023, despite immense popularity

With many famed eateries like dessert spot Wimbly Lu closing, it seems that just popularity is not enough to sustain a Food and Beverage (F&B) business. That’s being proven true by King of Seafood Soup located in Serangoon Central, which will is also ceasing operations for good. Their last day is 30 May 2023.

Also known as Rayben King of Seafood Soup, this joint was the go-to place for fantastic seafood soup loaded with fresh seafood. Though pricier than your average coffeeshop stall, the consensus is that their delectable bowls of goodness are worth each lil’ cent.

King of Seafood Soup — Storefront

The reason behind their closure is every F&B joint’s worst fear — a combination of rising costs and a shortage of manpower. No matter how much business they have, it is simply impossible to go on if these 2 issues hit together.

King of Seafood Soup thanked all their customers for the overwhelming support they have received. They want everyone to have their favourite bowls one more time as the last date of operation draws near.

However, there is still light at the end of the tunnel. In their Instagram post, King of Seafood Soup has expressed optimism about returning to the F&B world. “If we have firmed up, shall update in post” were their exact words, so stay hopeful!

King of Seafood Soup — Fish Soup

I am sure many will miss the full-bodied soups that were this stall’s specialty. With staples like Seafood Soup (S$7.50 for smallS$10 for large) and Fish Soup (S$5.50 for smallS$7.50 for large) very popular, there are also premium options like the Crayfish Seafood Soup (S$14.50) and Lobster Seafood Soup (S$19.50 for smallS$38 for large).

You have 3 options of Thick BeehoonThin Beehoon and Rice, and these dishes come with a boatload of premium ingredients such as Japanese scallops and Lala, all soaked up in that umami-packed broth.

King of Seafood Soup — Goodbye Post

It is obvious that many folks will miss this beloved place when it disappears. Even I am tempted to go down once to see what all the hype is about before it’s too late!

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