Sean Hannity Makes Fun of Joe Scarborough’s Hair Because That’s Where We’re At

Jeremy Belanger
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

Fox News’ Sean Hannity took the high road on Wednesday and made fun of rival political commentator Joe Scarborough’s hair because that’s where we’re at as a country now.

Scarborough visited The Late Show Tuesday night and told host Stephen Colbert that he’s leaving the Republican Party.

In response, Hannity didn’t address Scarborough’s objections to the GOP. Instead, he decided to attack Scarborough’s hair. He said, “It looks like Joe Scarborough thinks he’s the next Johnny Rotten. Honestly, Mika, do you like that hair? Do you think he’s a rock star? It’s really embarrassing.”

With Hannity’s comments, it appears that the nation’s political discourse has been reduced to something lower than personal attacks: personal grooming attacks.

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