Did Sean Hannity have a Hillary-induced nervous breakdown?

Ken Tucker
Critic-at-Large, Yahoo Entertainment
Sean Hannity (Photo: Fox News)

On his Monday night show, host Sean Hannity worked himself into a spittle-flecked froth over the day’s news about Robert Mueller’s indictments of Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort and Manafort’s associate Rick Gates. “The media has been lying to you all day!” squeaked Hannity at the top of what he termed his “very important Opening Monologue.” What had the media been dishonest about? Covering the indictments, to the exclusion of what Hannity believed was the real news: “Bill and Hillary Clinton sold out American interests!” Yes, the Clinton-bashing never stops on Fox News, and particularly on Hannity, where, this night, Hillary got a good working-over during the entire 60 minutes, thanks to guests including Newt Gingrich and the right wing’s failed-James-Bond-villain, Sebastian Gorka.

But really, Hannity didn’t even need guests. He could do a whole hour solo, just working endless variations on Hillary’s corruption, the Russian dossier, and the Uranium One deal. At one point, listing his enemies, he referred to “President Clinton, or President Clinton-wannabe, Barack Obama.” Some media viewers thought Hannity was referring to Hillary as President Clinton in a case of delusional wishful thinking; I think he was probably calling Obama a Bill Clinton wannabe, which is bizarre enough.

I began to worry that Hillary-hate had induced a minor breakdown in our newsman. Hannity started stacking words on top of each other as though he were making a verbal deli sandwich: “The phony Clinton Russian lying dossier!” (By the way, you did see MSNBC’s Joy Reid decimate the idea of a “uranium scandal” in under two minutes this past weekend, didn’t you? You didn’t? Well, friend-o, look and cheer here.)

For Hannity, the Manafort-Gates indictments were nothing (“No evidence of Trump-Russia collusion!”) compared with the “definitive proof” he has about “Hillary, the DNC, Obama — bought and paid for!” Contrasting the Trump investigation with his Hillary probe, Hannity announced, “It’s all reversed! The boomerang I predicted is now coming!” I’ll bet it is, Sean.

“This is stuff, I promise you, you can’t get anywhere else,” Hannity crowed at the start of the show. To which we can only say: Thank God.

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