Seattle residents cool off in fountain amid heatwave

STORY: "We're so absolutely lucky to be here for the heat wave. So my best friend lives in Seattle, and she said that it's been gloomy and dark and this is the first sunny, beautiful day. And we're here for the next three days," said Nadia Pierre from California.

"Last year was like rainy and wet this time of the year. So, yeah, totally abnormal," says Phillip Gilbert of Seattle, while letting his dog play in the water.

Early high temperatures amid ongoing concerns about climate change have others thinking why the weather is unseasonably warm for the region this early.

"My brain right now is happy for it, but I'm a little bit leery of the future for sure," says Nathan Thomas, who is visiting Seattle from Vancouver Island, British Columbia. "I see there's already forest fires in Alberta like crazy. So, yeah. Bad omen."

Temperatures in Seattle will remain above normal throughout the rest of the week, according to the National Weather Service.