The secret doors in Starfield are actually super easy to break into

 Starfield backgrounds lin and heller
Starfield backgrounds lin and heller

We're still two days away from Starfield's full launch, but early-access players have already discovered (and opened) some of its secret doors.

As the Twitter and Reddit users pointed out below, Starfield is hiding secret passageways in some inconspicuous places. As you can see from both videos, these players have stumbled across an 'Emergency Cuttable Wall.' You'd be forgiven for walking past this small detail, unaware of what it's inviting you to do, as it just looks like a piece of set decoration.

It's not until you read what's written on the wall that you get the idea to break it down. From both of the videos below, it looks like the best tool for the job is the laser weapon to quickly slice through the four pins on either side of the square hatch. Once you've done this, the door will fall inwards and will expose what looks like a secret room.

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It seems fans are already pretty impressed with this discovery (with one fan replying to the above tweet with: "Bro wtf I have walked past dozens of these doors not knowing I could do that") and since Starfield has only been in early access for a couple of days, we're sure even more finds will be shared over the next few weeks, months, and probably years to come.

"It reminds me of how I felt when I first played Skyrim and didn't want to do what the quest told me to do," one Reddit user explains in the comments of the post, "so I saved and killed the guy telling me to do something awful... And it worked!!!!" This then leads another fan to reply with: "Emergent gameplay, Bethesda is king at that."

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