Security guard loses handphone and ‘kapchai’ to robbers in Kepong

Kenneth Tee
Police said the victim was unharmed in the incident as he offered no resistance. — Screengrab via Facebook

KUALA LUMPUR, June 17 — A security guard on sentry duty at a gated residence in Kepong was robbed at knifepoint early this morning.

In the 3.26am incident near SMK Kepong Baru along Jalan Helang, the 46-year-old Malaysian guard lost a Nokia handphone, his Demak EX90 motorcycle and some cash to the robbers who were on two motorcycles.

The whole robbery was captured on CCTV and its clip has since been uploaded onto the Facebook account titled Koleksi Video Viral, drawing over 3,900 shares.

In the 1.42-minute clip, four people on two motorcycles can be seen driving past the boom gate under the guard’s watch.

Three of them, wearing long sleeves and helmets, can be seen walking back towards the guard who appeared to be alone. Two of them frisked the guard while holding parangs, emptying his pockets, and even forcing the victim’s shoes off his feet while another searched a tiny room that acted as the post. One then rode off on a motorcycle that was parked just below where the CCTV camera was mounted, while the other two escaped with the fourth accomplice.

Sentul police chief Assistant Commissioner R. Munusamy said the victim feared for his life when the unknown assailants alighted from their motorcycles and brandished parangs, demanding that he hand over all his belongings.

“Another suspect then entered the guard post and ransacked the room as his accomplice dealt with the victim,” he related.

Munusamy said the victim was unharmed as he offered no resistance.

Police immediately mounted a search for the robbers after the security guard’s report.

They arrested a 32-year-old suspect during a raid at the Taman Beringin People’s Housing Programme flats at about 12.15 today, and found clothes, motorbikes, and helmets believed to have been used during the robbery.