Security guard who broke into condo and molested domestic helper jailed, caned

Wan Ting Koh
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SINGAPORE — A security guard who molested a domestic helper after breaking into an apartment at the condominium where he worked, was sentenced to 40 months’ jail and six strokes of the cane on Thursday (11 July).

33-year-old Singaporean Jeffry Ali pleaded guilty to one count each of molesting the maid while causing her fear of hurt, housebreaking to commit theft and drug consumption. Four other charges, including causing hurt to the maid’s employer and housebreaking offences, were taken into consideration for his sentencing.

The victim, who cannot be named, is a 34 year-old Myanmar national who resided with her employer’s family.

Jeffry’s actions triggered a manhunt which involved some 50 police officers, including those from the Jurong Police Division and the Special Operations Command, on 4 November last year.

The day of the offence

Jeffry had called in sick to work on 3 November but still entered the condominium. He gained access through the gate at about 1am the following day after being let in by a resident who saw him wearing his security guard uniform.

He then broke into the apartment through a window left ajar at about 5.20am on 4 November. He took a pair of scissors from the kitchen before entering the children’s bedroom.

At about 5.30am, as the maid slept in the room with her employer’s five-year-old daughter and three-year-old son, she felt someone pulling her legs. She woke to see Jeffry holding a pair of scissors. As she had no idea who Jeffry was, she asked for his identity but Jeffry told her to keep quiet.

The maid kept silent for fear of her and the children’ safety.

Jeffry then began kissing her face and told her that he wanted to marry her. He used his scissors to cut her T-shirt but stopped midway and removed the shirt instead. He then pulled down the maid’s shorts and underwear partway before sitting on top of her. A while later, he stood and pulled her legs.

At this point, the employer’s mother entered the room and shouted to alert her son and his wife. When the couple came to the room, Jeffry told them to keep quiet and leave as he had a pair of scissors with him. The incident woke the children, who began to cry. Jeffry let the couple take the children from the room but continued to hold the maid down.

He told everyone else to leave and close the door. When the employer threatened to call the police, Jeffry tried to flee through the window but was unable to. He fled through the main door.

Attempt to flee

Jeffry broke into another unit by climbing over a ledge into the kitchen. He stole S$212 and RM643 and a pair of red Bermudas. The owner of the unit, Lee Yeon Sze, returned to the unit at about 11.20am with his family but felt that something was amiss as the door was closed and the curtain was rolled down. Lee’s wife also heard the sound of the television from her bedroom. Lee then heard someone jumping out from the window and shouted to alert nearby officers.

Lee then realised that his wife had earlier received a text message from her sister, who shared the same unit, informing that she had heard someone using the bathroom and seen an unknown man entering the master bedroom. The woman believed the man to be Lee’s guest and did not raise the alarm.

Lee and his wife later discovered the cash missing from their master bedroom drawer. The red bermudas belonging to Lee, which had been hung at the balcony of the unit, was also missing. The missing items were found on Jeffry when he was arrested at the basement carpark at 12.10pm.

After his arrest, Jeffry’s urine sample was found to contain methamphetamine, a specified drug. Jeffry had consumed the drug on 4 November at a park across the road opposite Choa Chu Kang Community Centre.

He admitted to smoking methamphetamine since 2010 about two to three times a week to keep alert during his night shifts as a security guard.

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