See you in court, Guan Eng tells Baling MP

By Opalyn Mok
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    sum siew
    That's way it should be ! Let the Court of Law decide on the matter for the sake of all fairness and justice !
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    well done GE
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    Guan Eng
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    this is the right way to go for the minority party! we need such people in SG!
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    LOL everyone
    LGE make sure you must wack until he is begging you for mercy
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    Fair Comments
    That’s the problem with power-holding Malaysian Malays. They cannot accept constructive criticism, or worst still, would put up a defence wall that Islam has been critiqued n critized even without separating the facts from fiction.

    This kind of mentality harpers wholly from the inferiority complex that this Malay society is suffering from. In fact, this whole point holds water. Malays are just not so good in education, business or thinking.

    The only plus points about these Malays are they are above average in performing arts (singing n acting), personal culinary (obesity n chronic disease) n of course, a prevalent culture of endemic corruption. One exemplary example is MO1 (NR).
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    Bodoh najib...BN...always UMNO....use money najib owe lol. Umno bn masuk lobang ayer buaya makan lol!!!!!
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    lawan jangan tak lawan....siapa pondan
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    guan eng muka serupa lancau
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    Kah Fatt
    CID director 1m ringget confiscated by Australia police , why they confiscate the money for hat reason , why don't get back the money .they only know how to bully the local ,see angmoh they so scare ,malaysai boleh