Selangor cops say didn’t arrest slain Cradle CEO’s stepsons

Yiswaree Palansamy And Thasha Jayamanogaran
Mazlan said investigators have only arrested Nazrin’s wife Samirah Muzzaffar and her ex-husband so far. ― Picture by Azneal Ishak

SHAH ALAM, Sept 6 ― State police said today they have not arrested two stepsons of late Cradle Fund chief executive Nazrin Hassan, who is believed murdered.

Selangor police chief Datuk Mazlan Mansor told a press conference that investigators have so far arrested two people in connection with the murder investigation: Nazrin’s wife Samirah Muzzaffar and her ex-husband.

“On (the) Cradle Fund (CEO’s case) I want to confirm here that there are no new arrests, as reported,” Mazlan said when disputing news reports to the effect yesterday.

He also declined to comment when asked to state where the teenage boys were, saying the case was still under active investigation.

Malay Mail reported, citing a confidential source yesterday, that the two secondary school students were taken in from their grandfather’s house last night.

Several other media outlets reported similarly citing their own sources.

The source has insisted to Malay Mail that the boys were taken yesterday, but added they were released shortly after.

When asked if the teenagers were taken in for questioning instead of arrested, Mazlan repeatedly denied this.

He also urged that investigators be allowed to continue their work uninterrupted.

On information that puncture wounds resembling those made by arrows were found on the slain executive’s body, he also declined to comment.

“I don’t want to confirm because it’s still under investigation. Let us investigate because we have just nabbed (suspects),” he said.

Samirah, the 43-year-old daughter to political scientist and Islamic reformist Chandra Muzaffar, was picked up from her home in Taman Tun Dr Ismail on Tuesday, at 2.15am.

Her 43-year-old ex-husband was detained at 1am the same day, in Sepang. Both were remanded for seven days starting Tuesday.

Nazrin’s death on June 14 was reclassified from sudden death to murder on August 3, following laboratory test results from the Selangor Fire and Rescue Department that showed foul play.

The results showed traces of petrol in Nazrin’s room on the top floor of a double-storey semi-detached house in Mutiara Damansara, resulting in the fire.

Malay Mail reported on August 6 that a police source revealed the lab results showed traces of petrol on Nazrin’s head, bedframe and mattress, as well as his handphone.

Nazrin’s wife and Cradle previously released a statement claiming that Nazrin died from blast injuries attributed to an exploding handphone that was being charged next to him, before Fire and Rescue and police could conclude investigations.

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