Selayang traders, residents up in arms over chicken slaughterhouse site


KUALA LUMPUR: Stakeholders of the Selayang wholesale market organised a gotong-royong to raise awareness about cleanliness and to object to the plan for a centralised chicken slaughterhouse at the site by Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL).

A total of 300 people from 32 associations and NGOs in Selayang attended the gotong-royong today to object to the plan to build a slaughterhouse on a plot of land opposite the market, stating that the location was inappropriate and it was too close to residential and commercial areas.

The proposed slaughterhouse would turn the traffic congestion in the area from bad to worse.

Selayang Municipal Council counsellor Mohd Fauzan Madzlan said Selayang residents and business operators want a clean and safe environment to operate in.

“Adding a slaughterhouse to the area would do more harm than good. We urge the government to consider this issue seriously,” Mohd Fauzan told reporters at Rumah Amal Cheshire Selangor here.

‘Cancel the Chicken Slaughterhouse Movement’ information officer Aziz Alias said the size of the land of the proposed slaughterhouse did not meet the requirements.

“That plot of land is less than two acres while the recommended land size for a slaughterhouse is at least 10 acres.

“It is to ensure there is enough space to build roads for lorries and trucks to access to the slaughterhouse without blocking the traffic in the area,” said Aziz.

Aziz urged the authority to look for another location for the proposed slaughterhouse.

Federation of Selayang’s Associations treasurer Low Kim Loong said they have been against the building of the slaughterhouse for two years now.

“We have sent memorandums to DBKL, Selayang Municipal Council, Prime Minister’s Department and Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) but the authorities have not responded to our requests,” said Low.

“The proposed location of the slaughterhouse is only 200 metres away from the residential area, Taman Selayang Makmur.

“This plot of land is next to a highway and it is in a city. It is not suitable for a slaughterhouse, which should be built in a remote place,” he said.

Retiree Mohd Nor Abdullah, 69, said the residents and people from the market would have to deal with the foul odour from the slaughterhouse if it was built at the proposed location.

Selayang resident Nor Syahira Hashim, 22, said slaughterhouse at close proximity with people could increase the risk of an outbreak of bird flu.

“The roads here are already crowded with street vendors and it is congested all the time,” said Siti Farizan Hussain, 38, an employee from Pasaraya Sri Ternak, located opposite the proposed plot.