This self-charging cargo e-bike features integrated solar panels

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The SunRider was developed in the Netherlands.

A Dutch company has developed the first self-charging solar cargo e-bike, which charges as you ride to help drive down carbon footprints.

Featuring three integrated solar panels with high-efficiency photovoltaic cells -- for up to 545 Wp (watt-peak) of power -- the SunRider offers maximum energy yield. As a result, its onboard battery is partially charged with clean energy, reducing the use of fossil-fuel-generated electricity. It promises to cut carbon emissions by 50% in comparison to other cargo e-bikes on the market, and by 95% in comparison to a diesel-fuelled delivery van. This is notably thanks to solar panels becoming more affordable, as well as increasingly suitable for use on moveable objects.

Developed by the Dutch company Need The Globe, this cargo bike is powered by a 250 W hub motor in the front wheel, driven by a removable 1.6 kWh battery promising up to 100 km of range.

The bike can carry up to 150 kg of cargo, and is above all aimed at logistics professionals as a so-called last-mile delivery solution. In this respect, Need The Globe (NTG) aims to offer a transportation solution that is sustainable, while also being easy to manage and recharge.

Price and availability are yet to be announced.

Discover the SunRider in this video:

David Bénard