Self-proclaimed former ‘terrible racist’ donates $2K to black church

Photos: Nicholtown Presbyterian Church via Google Earth; letter via WSPA CBS 7 News

A black church in Greenville, S.C., received an anonymous $2,000 donation accompanied by a candid letter from a reformed “terrible racist” in which the writer credited religion for his or her transformation.

“First, I am white and used to be a terrible racist,” states the letter, which was first reported by local station WSPA CBS 7 News. “Thanks to Jesus and the Holy Spirit, acting through the Presbyterian Church, I have been cleansed of that.”

“Due to Christ’s teachings, I am appalled at my former thoughts and words. I send this donation as a heartfelt apology to the African-American community, as a sign of God’s love for you, and as a sign of my love for you as well.”

The recipient, the Rev. Michael Sullivan of the Nicholtown Presbyterian Church, told WSPA the letter and donation signify a possibility for unity in a fractured political climate.

“I don’t care whether we are talking black or white, whether we are talking about Christian or Islamic,” the Rev. Sullivan said. “If we can hear the heart of this man as being a heart that represents all of us, I think all of us can become better.”

He also invited the letter writer to come forward and said he would “embrace” him or her.


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