Sending you laksa love: this Singaporean illustrator makes puns with local food items

Here at Coconuts, we appreciate good puns and local food so what a treat it is to find an Instagram account that combines two of our favorite delights with some cute illustrations to boot.

That Instagram account belongs to Tan Siqi, whose account @laughandbelly is equal parts cute and LOL-worthy for her awesome puns and delightful illustrations including local food items such as teh-c, laksa, and you tiao.

Although she is now a freelance illustrator, Siqi used to be a chemist and was trained in chemical engineering from school.

She decided to leave her job in September 2017 to pursue her dream of being a full-time illustrator and is now releasing her own line of shirts and postcards on her website bearing these cute designs.

Here are six puns that we particularly love:

1) A pun on the Chinese word for vegetables, and a colloquial phrase for “anyhow lah”:

2) Love, in coconut gravy form:

3) Can you show me the way?

4) A pun on Saturdays:

5) This one quite cute:

6) Two youtiao sticks are always the best:

In case you cannot afford to buy a S$6 postcard on her website (tsk), you can download Siqi’s work for free on her Ko-fi page and buy her a coffee if you’d like. If you’re feeling more generous, you can also support her on Patreon and get exclusive posts as well as printable coloring pages of her artwork.

So now you know where to buy birthday cards from. You’re welcome.

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