Senior Pas leader lambasts own party over tiff with Selangor MB


KUALA LUMPUR: Senior Pas leader Datuk Mahfuz Omar took a swipe at his own party’s leaders and advised them to show “maturity” when talking about politics.

The Pokok Sena parliamentarian was commenting on recent attacks by Pas members against Selangor Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Azmin Ali over a tweet he sent on March 21.

Azmin had sent a tweet slamming Pas Youth chief Nik Abduh Nik Aziz over his statement that Pas allowed PKR to take the lead in Selangor in the last general election, but things have changed, and the Islamic party now wants to take the state for itself.

“Pas’ action of letting some leaders attack Azmin and PKR was improper. Yes, in politics, open debate can’t be avoided, but we must be cautious with what we say.

“It would be better if Pas leaders express political maturity by paying Azmin a visit in order to discuss this issue,” he said.

Following Nik Abduh’s statement, Azmin had made a jibe about a “tok lebai” (skullcap-wearing religious man) wanting to take over Selangor “despite losing in his own backyard.”

Mahfuz said Azmin’s usage of the word “lebai” (skullcap) should not be responded to with taunts, threats and criticism by Pas leaders.

“Azmin’s statement was following Pas president (Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang)’s remark that Pas will be taking over several states in Malaysia in the 14th general election, including Selangor.

“Although Pas’ president has denied this, a voice recording of his statement proved the opposite, and it was backed by statements made by Nik Abduh and the Central Pas Committee member, namely Pas research centre director Mohd Zuhdi Marzuki.

“Doesn’t the statement on ruling Selangor mean that (Pas) wants to take over the Selangor government from Azmin and PKR?” Mahfuz asked, adding that Pas should not be seen as an arrogant party.