Senior penguins at Singapore Zoo rejoin colony with new eyes after cataract surgery (Video)

Six of Singapore’s older flightless birds have made a full recovery after undergoing a major surgery recently.

Mandai Wildlife Reserve today updated in a video showing off their senior King Penguins and Humboldt Penguins who have rejoined their colony with newly repaired eyes after being diagnosed with cataracts last year.

“Our senior penguins are seeing their world through a new lens!” the zoo operator said.

The video showed the zoo’s eye specialist team making their magic work on the penguins by skillfully removing the cataracts and implanting custom lenses.

The zoo operator said this might be the first time such an operation was done for all King Penguins.

After the surgery, the penguins recovered in a separate den where they were given eye drops twice daily and several follow-up checks for months.

Now, the penguins are more than ready to waddle into their new home in the upcoming Bird Paradise set to open later this year.

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