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September horoscopes for every star signKatie Buckleitner

Want to know what's in store for your star sign for September 2023? It's all in the cards...


(Queen of Coins, Nine of Cups, The High Priestess)

aries star sign horoscope
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I don’t know if you’re into manifesting rituals or Law of Attraction, Aries, but with this card trio you ought to be! The High Priestess puts you in command of your psychic powers, intuition, and instincts. You can call on them to draw forth your authentic needs and desires and emerging self awareness. When you know what you want, you can actually manifest it, right? Right.

The Nine of Cups is a lovely dream-come-true cosmic wish pass. You can have this desire. So that’s good to know. The Universe is backing you up. What to spend it on? The Queen of Coins suggests either your health, wealth, work or home. And a promotion, advancement, upgrade or improvement of some kind. Pick a goal, visualise it happening, create a ritual to confirm your belief and focus your energy, and then make it happen!


(Two of Wands, Five of Coins, The Tower)

taurus star sign horoscope
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You’re on the hunt for your inner demons. Like Jack The Giant Killer, you’re on a swashbuckling quest to expel and destroy the mental ghouls and vampires which feed on your fears. And you will succeed!

The Two of Wands ask you to start by focusing on no more than one or two fears, self-limiting beliefs or damaging behaviours. The Five of Coins asks you to find others afflicted, or possessing empathy, with whom you can share your story. You are not alone. Others have overcome what you face. Seek their support. Finally, The Tower reveals this will be a powerful cathartic process. What you destroy will be banished for good, maybe you’ll even feel sad (our demons keep us company). But this is a huge leap forwards and must be celebrated.


(Eight of Swords, King of Wands, Ace of Wands)

gemini star sign horoscope
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Use this wonderful autumnal month to bed in, get cosy, and turn a new leaf in the ways you entertain and serve yourself in your own company. The Eight of Swords is a ~check the bad habits~ nudge. Some of your habits don’t really do you justice or bring positivity into your life (doom scrolling, binge watching, cyber stalking… you know what I mean).

The King and Ace of Wands are like heralds from a higher self, a future you perhaps, who enter your life to guide you to a better version of yourself and your daily life. Think about micro habits, routines, rituals, and pastimes which are positive, healthy, empowering, transforming, interesting, creative, inspiring. You’re a natural learner, so perhaps this is a season of education, learning and reading. Redesign your leisure time and space and reap the rewards straightaway. You will wonder why you didn’t do this sooner.


(Ten of Coins, Page of Coins, Three of Cups)

cancer star sign horoscope
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Why shouldn’t what you do for a living be fun? Why do we assume work has to be hard, or dull, or a ~grind~? I don’t believe that and nor do these cards. They combine to tell you it’s time to find the joy in your career, the fun in work, the pleasure in making a living (it IS a living, after all).

The Three of Cups is this fun injection, this desire to get reward and satisfaction from something you do so often for so long. The Page of Coins asks if you might need to retrain, add a new skill to your set, or even go back to school. You’re never too old to start over. You’re never too far down the road to change direction.

The Ten of Coins hints this is all heading towards a happy, prosperous, successful, and wealthy future in your career. Rome wasn’t built in a day, nor will this ambition be fulfilled overnight. However, it all starts here. With acknowledging you want to enjoy what you do… and then seeing where that takes you.


(Queen of Swords, Strength, Five of Swords)

leo star sign horoscope
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Powerful healing, resolution, and vindication lies ahead for you, Leo, if you take the uphill path, the high road, the tougher but more rewarding route. Strength (your tarot talisman, representing your own sign) is with you all month long, gifting you whatever power, resource, or quality you need to get the job done. The Five of Swords shows you’ve endured a dispute, a quarrel (maybe now a feud), or tension with someone or something. It started off as drama but has become draining. You want this over and done with. And so shall it be!

The Queen of Swords asks you to step up, cast off emotion, and look for the dispassionate, logical way through this tangle. You want peace. Maybe that means severance of relations, or a compromise, or an apology, or a truce. Whatever you think will work, be the one to suggest it. In short, be the bigger person. It might make you wince at first but it will be a blessing longer term.


(Eight of Cups, Page of Cups, Judgment)

virgo sstar sign horoscope
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Turn and face the music, Virgo, and whilst you’re there, be patient, compassionate and kind to yourself (as you would to another). There's a disappointment to own up to and accept, with the sad but resigned Eight of Cups, but it’s not your doing. You tried your best and gave your all. This is just how it is, nothing more to be done.

Judgment reveals there’s a major life lesson in all of this, which you will glean when you sift through events and look back with a kinder, and more realistic, perspective. You can stop pretending now. You can admit how things really were. The Page of Cups shows that a new hope and desire will spring from this too. You will come to understand what you don't want in future, and what a red flag looks like, and this will lead you (more swiftly than you think) into the realm of a new, bigger, better opportunity. What you lost was not as good as what lies ahead.


(Two of Coins, Three of Wands, Eight of Wands)

libra star sign horoscope
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September is going to be busy with a capital B, are you ready for this whirlwind? Your feet might never touch the ground! Firstly, the Two of Coins promises abundance, variety, and possibility. You can have it all and the more you do, the more you will find you can do. Say ‘yes’ to everything.

The Three of Wands reveals opportunities lurking and swirling everywhere. They are powerful but fleeting so you need to be alert, responsive, and proactive. Don’t dither or procrastinate when you spot one… jump forward and grab it. You can always discard it later (if necessary).

The Eight of Wands urges communication, networking, socialising and mingling. Get out there! Rekindle, reunite, update, connect, introduce, ask, propose, pitch and gossip. It’s through 'who' you know versus 'what' you know that all of this new, fresh, exciting energy and potential will come into your life. What you discover this month could last the coming year ahead!


(The Chariot, Death, The Lovers)

scorpio star sign horoscope
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A trio of major arcana cards is never to be sniffed at! These cards are the icons; the power symbols of the tarot promising unseen forces are at work. October is when you come into your own season and it’s a transformative, charged time of year for you, Scorpio.

The Chariot and Death bring that transformation urge once again. You renew your purpose, your goals, your horizons… and they are different to the status quo. You need to change course, strike out, initiate a new beginning. You’re ready, this all comes from your own ego and desires.

The Lovers hints there is passion and high emotion at work here. Perhaps this is about your relationship landscape or a project which sits within your heart space. You feel great passion, you feel stirred to action. Maybe there will be discord, maybe this is a head versus heart choice… but it feels inevitable and powerful.


(Queen of Wands, King of Cups, Five of Cups)

sagittarius star sign horoscope
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It’s important to draw closer to your best people this October, Sagittarius, for fun, truth, comfort, inspiration, creativity, and love. You are the Queen of Wands - the loving, warm, active, vital, dynamic and exciting individual who causes a stir wherever they go. You are a social creature and you draw energy from others – it’s time to refuel! The King of Cups asks you to mingle with your Water sign (Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer) or highly sensitive and empathetic people. You need to talk, discuss, get things off your chest, be heard and understood. Nothing comes close to healing like a good chat and offload with someone who ~gets~ you and like you.

The Five of Cups pushes this a notch further and asks you to release your grief, regret, doubt, and self recriminations. Release the burdens before winter kicks in. Be easier, lighter, and more hopeful. And then get back to your Queen of Wands fun time! Be the party starter! Make it both a fun and caring kinda month.


(Queen of Cups, The Devil, The Fool)

everything to know about a capricorn and their traits
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These are powerful cards, signalling an emotive and transformative month ahead lies in store. Be led by your hopes and aspirations and be ready to make some changes and big decisions. Listen to your feelings.

The Queen of Cups has you tuning in to your intuition, emotions, and gut instincts. You are a highly rational person, but there’s something nagging at you that you can’t put your finger on… and the way to do so is to examine the root causes and sources of your feelings. The Devil and Fool are both major arcana cards, powerful unseen forces are at work here, and they conspire to activate a powerful new beginning in your life. The Devil is your tarot talisman and represents your worldly, shrewd, taking responsibility and mature traits. The Fool is the patron saint of clean slates and fresh starts. See this as a nudge to release what’s holding you back. Banish the negative, and start a new chapter where your intuitive needs and emotive desires take the wheel and lead you someplace amazing!


(Page of Wands, Seven of Coins, Seven of Wands)

aquarius star sign horoscope
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This card trio suggests you’re ready for a new long-term goal or challenge - whether that's entering into a competition or some kind of constructed competitive process, like a half marathon. You rise to occasions. You do have a competitive streak. The Seven of Wands sees you itching to prove yourself, be tested, and come through something. It’s esteem-building.

The Page of Wands urges you to try a few different things out - join a team, take on an online challenge, attend a class, set something up with your friends where you compete and support each other. The Seven of Coins shows this is going to take hold and become a new ~thing~ in your life. Maybe not in the guise it starts off as, but it will evolve and twist into something perfect for you. Have a go, try new things, seek competition and challenge. This will liven you up no end!


(Knight of Wands, Seven of Cups, Six of Swords)

pisces star sign horoscope
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There’s a departure or exit awaiting you this month, which is not sad or difficult as revealed by the game-ready Six of Swords. This ending is natural, necessary, and maybe even a long time coming. The way to make it even more cathartic and significant to you is to make it into an adventure! The Seven of Cups asks you to create a wonderful, conscious swan song and farewell to whatever it is you’re leaving- celebrate and appreciate everything it has brough to you.

And the Knight of Wands asks you to focus on the new chapter, pathway, opportunity that you’re moving towards and turn the initial entry to it into a quest of sorts! Identify the challenges and obstacles. Spot the heroes and villains. Think about the heroic traits you might require. Get excited and inspired about thew ambitions or horizon or rewards that this change could bring. Make this process into an adventure and you will thoroughly enjoy the ride!

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