Serbia extends gratitude to India for assistance during COVID-19 crisis

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Serbia's Foreign Minister Nikola Selakovic
Serbia's Foreign Minister Nikola Selakovic

New Delhi [India] September 20 (ANI): Serbian Foreign Minister Nikola Selakovic extended gratitude to India for providing assistance during the COVID-19 crisis and also said that both the countries possess similar characteristics.

Selakovic's remarks came during a keynote speech on India-Serbia relations at the Indian Council of World Affairs, he was joined by Director-General of the organisation, Vijay Thakur Singh.

"I thank and express our gratitude to the Indian government, PM [Narendra Modi], and your Minister [EAM Jaishankar] for the help given to our country during COVID-19, including the vaccines," he said.

During his address to the house, Selakovic also informed that India and Serbia share strong relations and the Serbian government respects India's positions in the fight against terrorism.

"We have been sharing many common interests in the field of politics, trade, economy and culture. Serbia is keeping and preserving its position as a military-neutral country. It is not willing to become a member of NATO," Serbian Foreign Minister added during his keynote speech.

Meanwhile, Serbian Charge d'Affaires to India Sinisa Pavic was also present in the meeting.

Serbian Foreign Minister also expressed that both countries have to go together and have to cooperate more in the future.

Serbian Foreign Minister is in New Delhi for a two-day visit. (ANI)

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