Serdang cops get FB shout out for helping accident victim


KUALA LUMPUR: Two Serdang policemen received a special Facebook shout out for helping an accident victim while on duty recently.

The victim’s daughter, Charlene Chea, uploaded a status on her Facebook page on Tuesday praising the duo's act of kindness.

"It was raining, my father was riding his motorcycle from Bukit Serdang to Taman Universiti to fetch me from office.

"He fell off his machine due to the slippery road. He could not stand up immediately as the motorcycle fell on him. No one came to his aid," she wrote in Mandarin.

Chea said when her father was about to get up, a police patrol car stopped and came to his aid.

"Two policemen came down from the car; one helped to divert the traffic and dispersed the by-standers, while another one helped my father.

"He injured his hands and legs in the accident. One the policemen then rushed my father to a clinic and another took his motorcycle back to our house," she said.

Chea added that her father had requested she uploaded the post as a token of appreciation.

Meanwhile, Constable Muhammad Redda Mohd Noor, 28, who was surprised by Chea’s post, said he was merely doing his job.

"The incident took place near a traffic light about 4.30pm on Tuesday. The uncle fell when the traffic light turned green.

"At first my partner, Lance Corporal Justine Taman, and I thought he was hit by another vehicle. But, when we got closer, we noticed that he had fallen off his motorcycle.

"Luckily, the traffic was moving slowly that time and we immediately controlled the crowd and assisted the uncle.

"We later sent him to a clinic in Seri Kembangan and continued our patrol duty," the Serdang patrol unit officer said when contacted today. © New Straits Times Press (M) Bhd