Allegations against Sergio Aguero withdrawn following incident with Bournemouth steward (Video)

Manchester City’s Sergio Aguero is held back by police after Raheem Sterling’s winner and the ensuing celebrations. (Steve Paston/PA via AP)

Sergio Aguero was the subject of a police report and investigation after an argument with a Bournemouth steward following Raheem Sterling’s 97th-minute winner allegedly turned into a brief altercation.

However, Bournemouth later released a statement saying the club was “aware of an alleged incident,” but that it had “been advised that due to a misunderstanding, an earlier statement alleging assault has been withdrawn and no assault took place.”

Videos from both TV cameras and fans showed Aguero talking to a steward who had helped detain a Manchester City fan who had presumably entered the field during the celebrations of Sterling’s goal. After Aguero and the steward exchanged words, each made contact with the other, though none of it was exceedingly violent:

Aguero denied wrongdoing, City officials backed up his stance, and it always seemed unlikely the investigation would come to anything. In fact, it’s all quite ridiculous that two culprits in this entire mess are Sterling, who was shown a second yellow-card for his celebration, and Aguero.

The Argentinean striker likely saw the steward being overly rough with the City fan whom he had pinned to the ground. The steward then pushed Aguero away – not violently, but not gently either. Aguero then went to put his hand on the steward’s shoulder, and the steward again shoved the City player.

The BBC reported that, in his statement to police claims, the steward claimed to have been “struck” by Aguero.

Aguero had to be restrained by a police officer, and by teammates Fernandinho and Vincent Kompany. He was clearly still peeved after the incident. Video from a fan shows some of the aftermath:

In a post-match statement, police said two fans had been arrested for encroaching onto the pitch. The statement also said that “Officers are reviewing CCTV of the pitch encroachment as part of an on-going investigation to establish whether any other offences may have been committed.”

As for Aguero, he tweeted the following:

Sterling’s goal gave City a 2-1 victory, but the red card will keep him out of an early-September clash with his old club, Liverpool.