Seri Setia by-election: Pas candidate believes results will be yardstick for measuring PH success

Kalbana Perimbanayagam and Mohd Iskandar Ibrahim

PETALING JAYA: Pas candidate for Seri Setia state seat Dr Halimah Ali believes that the by-election will be the measure for the Pakatan Harapan government after serving for over 100 days.

“This by-election is very important because the outcome will be a message to the PH government on whether they are well accepted or other wise. This by-election’s outcome will be like a thermostat to determine their progress and acceptance,” she said after visiting three less fortunate families at Sri Meranti low cost flats in Ara Damansara here today.

Dr Halimah said the PH victory in the 14th General Election in May was achieved mainly because people wanted a change from Barisan Nasional government.

But that was no longer the case now and the by-election was going to be the real ‘test’ to see how the new government has been fairing since they took over.

“They (PH) won with a big majority in the general election and after serving 100 days, this by election will translate what the voters feel about the new governance,” said the mother of six speaking to reporters after the visit.

“Or are voters already tired with the new government after having to see three by-elections in such a short span of time. One, the Balakong assemblyman is understandable because it’s an accident. However, the other two... I don’t wish to say much,”

She said she won’t be surprised if there were more by-elections.

“Voters are smart people who can think, observe and value for themselves what they want. I suppose they will execute their rights and turn up on the day. Besides, our machinery is also working hard to make sure that voters come out and vote on polling day, especially those 40 and below who make up 37 per cent of the voters.”

During the visit, the Seri Setia candidate also conducted brief medical checks for blood pressure and reviewed medications the people were taking. She also presented them with some groceries.

Dr Halimah said if she was elected, she would give the needy priority, as Pas was a party which had always given more importance to those in rural areas, especially the poorer community. © New Straits Times Press (M) Bhd