Seungri's ramen joint to open in Malaysia soon

Aori Ramen, South Korea's famous Japanese ramen joint owned by BIGBANG member Seungri will soon open an outlet in Malaysia!

The news was announced by Seungri himself when he shared a photo on his Instagram of a yukata-clad anime girl holding a bowl of Aori ramen with Malaysia's iconic landmarks at the background along with the caption, "@aoriramen yes we going to #KL #Malaysia too!"

However, there are no further details of the opening; we just know that it's coming soon!

The 26-year-old singer has always been a huge fan of Japanese culture, so having his own Japanese ramen shop is only fitting.

The first Aori Ramen was opened in Cheongdam-dong on December 2016, but with a huge celebrity name like Seungri attached to the ownership, the ramen joint is expanding rapidly within a year.

As of last month, there are already 14 branches Aori Ramen, and Malaysia will soon be the 15th branch!

It is not known whether the Malaysian branch of the restaurant will be halal-certified considering that the menu's most famous item is the Tonkotsu ramen, a soup broth based upon pork bones and other ingredients, including chashu pork belly, braised egg, and crushed garlic.

More details will be announced soon, stay tuned for more updates!