Seven fatalities and infrastructure damage in Russian missile strike

The aftermath of the Russian attack on the printing house in Kharkiv on May 23, 2024
The aftermath of the Russian attack on the printing house in Kharkiv on May 23, 2024

A devastating missile attack by Russia on Kharkiv and the surrounding towns of Zolochiv and Liubotyn in Kharkiv Oblast on the afternoon of May 23 resulted in seven deaths and numerous injuries, regional governor Oleh Synehubov reported.

The assault included a strike on the Vivat book publishing house in Kharkiv, sparking a large fire and claiming multiple lives. According to the local prosecutor's office and Synehubov, who heads the Kharkiv regional military administration, at least 15 strikes targeted the area.

Kharkiv Mayor Ihor Terekhov reported that the Russian forces aimed at the city’s transport infrastructure and a municipal unit vital for the city's life support systems.

"The attacks hit a civilian printing enterprise in Kharkiv, causing a fire in the paper shop and leading to tragic losses," Synehubov stated. Six fatalities and 11 injuries were reported in Kharkiv alone. Most casualties occurred at this private enterprise, with one person killed and at least six injured there. Rescue efforts for three missing individuals are hindered by the ongoing blaze.

In the town of Liubotyn, at least five people sustained injuries due to missile strikes near the railway station, while in Zolochiv, two people were reported hurt.

The local prosecutor's office suggested that the attack likely utilized S-300 missile systems.

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