Several sections of Ukraine’s electric railroad are cut off by Russia’s mass missile attack

Kharkiv railway station
Kharkiv railway station

Several sections of railroad across Ukraine were shut down after Russia’s massive missile attack on March 22 left parts of Ukrzaliznytsia, Ukraine's state-owned railroad operator, without electricity, the company reported on Telegram.

All trains are continuing operation using backup power sources. In the Kharkiv area, diesel locomotives will power the movement of all trains, including high-speed Hyundai Rotem electric trains.

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The Kharkiv railway station has switched to backup power, ensuring all systems are functioning and allowing the Fortress of Invincibility (shelters where Ukrainians can get warm, charge their telephones, and connect to the Internet) and children's area to remain open to visitors.

Passengers can see the delays of all trains on the website, and in case of missing a trip due to shelling or the closure of the metro, Ukrzaliznytsia will allow traveling on the next trip in a similar direction with the same ticket.

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Russia launched a massive attack on Ukraine using drones, cruise and ballistic missiles on the night of March 22. The Russians targeted civilian energy sites across the entire country.

Kharkiv is practically in darkness, with the Russian military launching over 15 strikes on the city’s energy facilities.

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