Sex Coach Stabbed to Death by Her 'Jealous' Husband in Russia

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St Petersburg, September 25: A 25-year-old woman, who was a phycologist and sex coach by profession, was stabbed to death by her husband. The incident took place in Russia's St Petersburg. The deceased woman was identified as Alexandra Mursalova. The accused, identified as 24-year-old Rustam Mursalov, allegedly stabbed her 10 times and threw her body from a 40m-high building on September 21. According to media reports, Rustam killed Alexandra because he was jealous of her earnings. ‘No Sex for 3 Days After COVID-19 Vaccination’: Russians Asked To Abstain From Sexual Activity After Taking Vaccine; Here’s Why.

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Rustam had planned her wife's murder, Mash media reported quoting law enforcement sources. On September 21, he sent his kids to their relatives and was waiting for Alexandra with a knife. When she arrived with another man, he allegedly attacked her. While the man escaped, Rustam allegedly stabbed her in the head and neck. He then threw her body from 13th floor of the building and surrounded before the police. Couple Having Sex Over Balcony Falls to Ground in Russia, Woman Crushed to Death Under Man's Weight.

In her recent social media posts, Alexandra wrote that her husband was jealous of her earnings. "My husband tried to take my phone away so I would not earn any more," she wrote, adding that things got resolved following a family therapy. A sex coach and phycologist by profession, Alexandra would say she can teach people how to love. She had wealthy clients in St Petersburg.

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A week ago, the sex coach posted that her husband had threatened to stab her and their children. "He knocked on the door, saying he would kill me and the kids and then jump down," Alexandra wrote, adding that she had changed flats, but Rustam would visit or call her every night. It remained unclear if she had requested police protection.

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