Sex Education ending explained

sex education ending explained
What happens at the end of Sex Education?Netflix

The final season of Sex Education is here. After four years, the Netflix show has come to an end and we’re saying goodbye to Otis, Eric, Maeve and the rest of Moordale Secondary.

This series, we saw Maeve jet off to America, Eric and Otis go to Cavendish College, Jean adjust to being a mother again and more.

So, do Otis and Maeve end up together? Who is Joy’s dad? Who becomes Cavendish’s sex therapist? Sit tight, because here is the ending of Sex Education season four explained.

O becomes Cavendish’s sex therapist

After a tense battle between Otis and O for the role of Cavendish’s student sex therapist, a third participant is announced the winner at the school dance but he immediately quits.

So, the title then goes to Otis but he gives it to O after after realising just how much the clinic means to her. The crowd boo, to which Ruby tells everyone to forgive O for bullying her when they were children, and Cavendish accepts O as their new sex therapist.

sex education finale explained

Isaac and Aimee start dating

Isaac and Aimee begin developing feelings for each other after he helps her with her artwork. But, she pulls away out of respect for Maeve, who dated Isaac in the previous season.

But, Maeve decides to give the couple her blessing. In the final episode, Aimee decides to take pictures of herself in the jeans she was assaulted in before burning them as a way of dealing with her trauma. She then shows Isaac and the pair kiss. Too cute!

Joy’s dad is Daniel

After the shocking reveal that Jakob is not Joy’s father, he leaves Jean and Otis calls his aunt, Joanna, for help when he sees his mum struggling with motherhood.

The sisters clash and we then learn that Joy’s father is a man named Daniel, who Joanna is dating. Awkward!

But, Joanna calls things off with Daniel and the sisters reconcile, then in the final episode, Jean invites Daniel round to tell him that he is Joy’s father.

sex education who is joys dad

Adam and Mr. Groff reconcile

Adam decides to start working on a farm rather than going back to school this season, and he begins reconnecting with his father.

After finding out that his father and mother are sleeping together again after their split, Adam finally confronts Mr. Groff about their fraught relationship and in the series finale, the pair make amends with Adam teaching Mr. Groff how to ride a horse.

Exes Adam and Eric also meet again at Maeve’s mum’s funeral, and Eric tells Adam he is proud of him for coming out to his parents. Then, Adam also comes out as bisexual to his boss and she asks him out on a date.

sex education ending adam mr groff

Jackson finds out who his father is

After a testicular cancer scare, Jackson begins to look for his sperm donor against his mothers’ wishes, and when he finds him, he is rejected and has the door literally shut in his face.

When he confronts his mothers, Jackson discovers that he was actually born through an affair between his mother, Roz, and who he thought was his sperm donor.

Roz and Sophia decided to keep Jackson's father a secret and while Jackson is super upset at first, by the end of the episode, he reconciles with his mothers.

sex education ending jackson

Cavendish raises money for Cal’s surgery

Cal is struggling with their transition and wants to get their top surgery to deal with their gender dysphoria, but struggles when they realise how much it would cost.

Cal then goes missing, causing the whole school to search for them and is found by Eric and Jackson, who both talk Cal out of their negative thoughts by explaining how much everyone cares about them.

In the finale, Aisha tells Cal that the school will use the fundraiser to pay for their top surgery and they reconcile with their mum.

sex education ending cal

Eric decides to become a pastor

Eric struggles reconciling his faith and sexuality this season and after conversations with Abbi, who is also Christian, and experiencing signs from God (played by Jodie Turner-Smith), he decides he wants to be baptised.

But, before that, he comes out to his entire church and says he won't get baptised if they won’t accept him, to which only his mother stands up. So, he doesn’t get baptised but at the school dance, his pastor arrives and apologises, telling Eric he wants his advice on how to make the church more inclusive.

Eric then tells Otis that he wants to become a pastor and the pair hug.

sex education ending eric

Otis and Maeve break up

Maeve returns to Moordale following her mum’s death, and when her and Otis are getting intimate, he tells that he and Ruby, his ex-girlfriend, slept in the same bed together.

Maeve and Otis try to make things work and also try to have sex a few times, but struggle with intimacy. Soon, they decide that they should break up so she can return to America to pursue her writing, and they finally sleep together.

She goes back to America and in the final scene, Otis finds a letter from Maeve where she says she’ll always have a piece of him in her heart. We're not crying, you are!

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Sex Education is streaming on Netflix now.

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