Sex Toy Accident: Woman Claims She 'Almost Killed' Herself With Vibrator After Leaving It on Charging And Forgetting

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Mumbai, September 17: A woman recently claimed on Reddit that a vibrator had nearly burned her apartment down after she accidentally left the sex toy on charging in her bed and forgot to unplug. The woman narrated the incident in "Confessions" section of Reddit with the headline: "I almost killed myself with a vibrator". It remained unclear what brand of vibrator she was using. She only said that she had purchased the sex toy for $70. Sex Toys: Using a Dildo For The First Time? Here Are Masturbation Tips You Don't Want To Miss.

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The woman said she was heavily drunk and had forgotten to unplug the vibrator. "I’m so stupid. I used a vibrator a few weeks back and left it in my bed forgetting to unplug it (I live alone). I woke up with the thing going beside me because I got super drunk last night and rolled on top of it which flicked it on. It’s completely melted and my whole apartment smells like burnt plastic," she wrote. XXX-Tra Controversial Security Scan Pic of Woman's Sex Toys, Lingerie and Butt Plugs in Her Luggage Posted by Chinese Subway Guard Who is Now Fired!

She further said the vibrator could have burned her apartment down. "I honestly think it was minutes away from setting my whole apartment on fire, which is both embarrassing and terrifying," she stated. The Reddit user concluded her post by saying the "moral of the story" is "always unplug your vibrator". Her post left many readers stunned that something like this could happen if they leave the sex toy on charging.

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One of the readers commented: "You should definitely contact customer care of the brand you got it from, that's very dangerous and not up to hazard standards." "It sounds like very poor design," another reader opined. Another woman said that she had a similar experience seven years ago.

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