"3D Sex And Zen" to go 4D

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"3D Sex And Zen" to go 4D

23 Feb – After the success of the 2011 erotica titled "3D Sex & Zen: Extreme Ecstasy", it is no surprise that Hong Kong film producer Stephen Shiu will be churning out a 4D sequel, recently announced to be titled "4D Sex and Zen: Slayer of a Thousand from the Mysterious East" for now, in hopes of striking the same box office gold, according to Daily Chilli.

The 63-year-old producer revealed that he aims to achieve this by installing vibrating seats in cinemas that will be screening the 4D movie, a technology which had already been introduced in Hong Kong, and which will serve to enhance the viewers' experience.

Shiu has also made plans to internationalise his production by filming segments of the erotic film in Japan, as well as include Japanese adult film actresses from the Japanese music group Ebisu Muscats.

In addition, busty Taiwanese model Alina Hsu has been under Shiu's radar for some time and rumours have it that she may be casted as the female lead.

Following this, 30-year-old Hsu has contested against these rumours via her microblog Weibo online. She added that the producer has not even approached her regarding his idea and that the media had reported the false information without obtaining her confirmation first.

"I will never star in "Sex And Zen", be it 3D or 4D. I will not even do nudity in my picture book, let alone in a movie..." she wrote, but stressed that she is not looking down on the adult film industry.

Hsu explained that she refrained from starring in an adult film simply because she dares not and does not feel like baring her body.

Shooting for "4D Sex and Zen: Slayer of a Thousand from the Mysterious East" will commence by the end of this year.