SG blogger Xiaxue calls Greta Thunberg UN speech ‘cringe,’ young activists ‘hopeful idiots’

Singaporean blogger Xiaxue is drawing flak across social media today, following an Instagram post in which she called Greta Thunberg’s speech at the United Nations climate summit “so damn cringe,” because the 16-year-old activist is “[one of] these young kids who are so freaking passionate over issues that they view so one-dimensionally.”

Xiaxue — basically Singapore’s answer to Heidi Montag, if you’re unfamiliar — made the comments in an Instagram story posted to her account last night, in which she dismissed Thunberg, and presumably the millions of other kids across the world marching for climate change action, as “starry-eyed hopeful idiots who say simplistic things like ‘why can’t we just not have wars.'”

The face that launched a thousand eyerolls goes on to chide Thunberg for the emotional nature of her speech, ending her post with: “Seriously, I feel secondhand embarrassment for her wtf she’s like… crying. For what ah? Is climate change gonna stop because of her crying?”

This “secondhand embarrassment” Xiaxue speaks of, however, has spilled over to other social media users who caught wind of her remarks on Thunberg’s speech — and they’re embarrassed for Xiaxue.

Screengrab: Twitter
Screengrab: Twitter
Screengrab: Twitter

After receiving criticism for her initial post, the blogger then doubled down on her views, following up this morning with another Instagram update. “That crying girl is cringe af and nothing you say can make me change my mind … You go about preaching to anyone who will listen, and I’m gonna continue thinking you kids are overly dramatic and brainwashed,” she wrote.

She then goes on to write a wall of text that isn’t really worth quoting, except maybe to illustrate that some of her phrasing — “regurgitating the liberal media,” “climate alarmists,” “dishonest people who have an agenda” — show that the proud Trump supporter has been picking up some neat new vocab from Fox & Friends.

Social media users responded in pretty much the same vein as they did the first time around.

There were references to plastic.

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Screengrab: Twitter

Bemused remarks over Xiaxue’s challenge to climate activists, in which she said that the solution to climate change is to “Get rid of yourself because guess who is producing CO2 and destroying Mother Earth?”

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And this guy, who pulled a Xiaxue-to-Thunberg move by not looking her up.

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If Xiaxue had done a bit of research before weighing in on Thunberg’s speech, she would have seen that, yes, actually — her tears do have an impact on the global climate change crisis.

And, maybe, just maybe, she would have stumbled across Thunberg’s TED talk, too, and learned a thing or two from a kid who’s serving an auditorium full of adults — not to mention over one million Youtube viewers — 11 straight minutes of facts and real talk on how current international policies towards climate change are yielding disastrous results.


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