Sgcickenrice admin who triggered NOC saga reveals himself

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The person behind Instagram account @sgcickenrice is Brandon Mah. (Screenshot: TikTok/xiaxue, photo: Instagram/baerendang)
The person behind Instagram account @sgcickenrice is Brandon Mah. (Screenshot: TikTok/xiaxue, photo: Instagram/baerendang)

SINGAPORE – Yesterday (29 October), the person behind Instagram account @sgcickenrice has revealed himself to be Brandon Mah, 20, through his own Instagram account @baerendang.

The topic of the town in October has been about the Singaporean YouTube channel Night Owl Cinematics (NOC) scandal, since @sgcickenrice claimed that NOC boss Sylvia Chan was abusive towards employees.

The revelation led to a whole lot of other things, including more accusations from current and former employees, Chan’s apology, and most recently, an interview Singaporean blogger Xiaxue did with Chan.

As “things got messy,” Mah found himself “becoming a pawn” and “was taken for a ride.” He said in his Instagram post, “I believe Preetipls put it best when she said that all the rest of us are mere ‘collateral damage’ in a fight over assets involving two powerful and rich adults.”

Feeling that the focus had “[diverted] away completely from the heart of the issue,” Mah apologised for his “naïveté” and “admittedly misguided ways.” He explained that his goal was to help the employees “demand fair wages, timely payment, and equitable treatment.”

Mah is known to be close friends with NOC talent Nicole, who is close to NOC talents Samantha and Isabelle. All three of them were embroiled in the NOC scandal.

“I will take all criticisms and pitchforks, but all I ask for is for the employees to be spared. I take full responsibility for the actions of the page,” Mah wrote, although he blatantly said that he would not apologise for “raising issues related to the plight of the employees of NOC.”

Mah has since renamed Instagram account @sgcickenrice to @baerendang1, and removed all of its previous uploads. In a new post, he said that he would “not be posting any further on NOC” and was “doing this voluntarily”. He also hoped that all parties involved would be able to “solve their issues amicably and move on with their lives.”

The TikTok account with the same name has been taken down as well. Interestingly, the anonymous blog with alleged misdeeds of Sylvia has also been removed.

Apparently, his confession came after Xiaxue posted a TikTok video revealing his identity as the person behind @sgcickenrice. Xiaxue explained that she was “definitely not on the side of” cancel culture, and hated “all of these anonymous accounts.”

She also said that they “have free rein to post whatever they want, and suffer zero consequences for it.” On the other hand, “if you are their target, you are supposed to somehow prove that whatever they say is not true, and sometimes it’s just not possible.”

Timely enough, Singaporean diva Stefanie Sun released a new single Viva Anon yesterday (29 October), which perfectly sums up the issues of online anonymity.

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