SgInstaBabes to undergo revamp after controversy

Screenshot of the SgInstaBabes Facebook page. (Photo: Facebook)

Social media page SgInstaBabes will be revamped, Marketing Magazine reported on Monday (24 July).

The move comes after allegations of mistreatment and sexual harassment were made against SgInstaBabes owner Lai Wee Kiat by former under-aged members.

SgInstababes is a community that claims to be “Singapore’s number 1 community of Instagram babes”. Some of the members of the community are younger than 18.

In the post, SgInstababes said that it would “remain dormant for awhile”, adding that “all content about family-friendly events, food, trends and influencers” would be moved to a separate page, JoinTheCircleSG.

“JTC is safe for all ages and isn’t gender-based,” the post said.

Meanwhile, SgInstababes will focus “on babes, beauty, above-18 events, nightlife and the relevant issues and brands”.

“From now onwards, all girls featured on SgInstababes must be 18 and above. Certain events might require an even higher minimum age,” the post said.

SgInstababes’ Instagram page, which has over 100,000 followers, has since been set to private. The page has previously done marketing posts for companies such as oBike and Ultra Music Festival.

Lai himself has since posted his own comments about the allegations online, sharing screenshots of Whatsapp messages which he says shows the claims are false. The link was also shared on SgInstaBabe’s profile on Instagram.

In his post, Lai said the site would be “way stricter” with their selection of people they will work with.

He also said that he would not be filing a police report against the person who alleged the molest as he was “not here to ruin anyone’s life”.

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