SgInstaPussies is the Patreon campaign that you should subscribe to for the Cat Welfare Society

Have you ever wanted to pledge a monthly allowance to a wonderful animal welfare group so that they can sustain their noble work in taking care of the country’s street cats? And depending on the amount of cash you disburse every month, you could even have cats destroy your furniture?

The rewards for being a monthly donor in the SgInstaPussies campaign are obviously fake, but really, the money is going towards the very real cause of helping the Cat Welfare Society create a better environment for the cats of Singapore.

The initiative — a riff on the highly controversial SgInstaBabes Patreon campaign — was actually set up by social media agency GOODSTUPH on their own accord, with all the proceeds from the monthly donations going towards the Cat Welfare Society. In typical GOODSTUPH style, the campaign sports the agency’s dry wit, with reward tiers ranging from being spectators of daily “derriere flashing sessions” and “access to belly rubs (subject to mood)”.

Photo: Patreon website screengrab

On a serious note, however, the Cat Welfare Society is in constant need of funding to maintain initiatives such as sterilization programmes of stray cats, mediation efforts, and educational outreach. Since the non-profit organization was launched in 1999, cat culling rates in Singapore have been dramatically reduced thanks to their work in finding new homes for rescued felines, among other activities.

Though it’s a great idea to ride on the wave of a Viral Thing On Social Media for a campaign that actually helps a good cause, SgInstaPussies only attracted 11 patrons so far, raising US$86 a month for Cat Welfare Society. The group could definitely use the cash of course, but come on people, these are cats on the internet — an easy recipe for virality. Or maybe the campaign could actually deliver a reward tier that involves a private kitten party; that’d be a hit.

We’ve contacted Cat Welfare Society for their comments on the Patreon campaign made in their name.

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