‘Get Your Sh*t Together!’: Seth Meyers Goes Off on Dithering Dems


The debate over whether President Joe Biden should step down as the Democratic nominee has escalated over the past few days, and Seth Meyers wants the party to just figure it out already.

In his “Closer Look” segment Wednesday, Meyers argued that Democrats “desperately need the strongest possible unified effort” to stop Donald Trump and his agenda, adding that the recent party-wide panic and indecisiveness isn’t going to cut it.

“Oh my God, Democrats, get your shit together,” Meyers said. “There’s still four months left to go and you’re already admitting defeat and holding a funeral?”

“Don’t just mope around, you know, do something. If you think Biden should step aside, then tell him to get out and start the process of replacing him. If you think he should stay in, then get to work and right the ship now,” Meyers continued.

“But this melancholy, hand-wringing, woe-is-me bullshit is so exhausting. No one cares how sad you guys are. Democracy is on the line.”

Meyers particularly focused on Nancy Pelosi and her non-committal response on MSNBC’s Morning Joe Wednesday to whether Biden should stay on the ticket: “Democrats don’t seem to be treating this situation with the urgency it requires,” he said.

“Anyone who recognizes the dangers of a second Trump term must acknowledge two things,” Meyers argued. “First, Joe Biden is polling worse at this stage in the race than any Democratic presidential candidate in years, and the debate only made things worse. But second and more important: there’s still time to turn things around.”

Meyers brought up the recent election in France, in which the leftist and centrist coalitions came together to defeat the far right party. “As France just proved, there’s still time to regroup and beat back the far right. Democrats should take a cue from them and do the same.”

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