Soccer players help hijab-wearing opponent in faith-restoring act of sportsmanship

Players of Shabab Al-Ordon Club participate in a training session before their Jordan Women's Pro League soccer match against Al Ahli Club in Amman, Jordan, June 8, 2019.REUTERS/Muhammad Hamed

Women’s soccer doesn’t always get the credit it deserves, but in a recent viral video, plenty of folks are cheering for players who committed a true act of kindness.

At the WAFF Women’s Club Championship during a match between Arab Orthodox Club and Shabab al Ordon Club, according to The Indian Express, a player from Arab Orthodox Club found that her hijab was slipping off her head. Rather than use their opponent’s moment of weakness as an advantage, members of Shabab al Ordon paused playing and gathered around her so as to protect her head from being seen.

A video of the powerful moment was shared on Twitter by @ItsSlyG and has received nearly 4 million views.

Understandably, users are expressing their feelings about the video, which range from “stanning” to respect.

Some shared their desire to personally thank the wonderful soccer players:

While others just memed their appreciation:

Others even went on to talk about similar moments when women came to the aid of their hijab-wearing friends:

Some individuals on Twitter and elsewhere didn’t entirely understand why the Shabab al Ordon players did this (or why some women choose to wear a hijab at all). But for many women who practice Islam, covering their heads with a hijab is of utmost importance.

Many members of the faith say that they wear the hijab as a symbol of their devotion to their faith. Some have also worn it as an act of resistance against European colonizers in the past, or as a symbol of pride in their identity.

Regardless of why it’s worn, the fact that her opponents came to her aid shows a level of sportsmanship rarely seen. And really, don’t we need more of this in the world?

Oh, and for those interested: The Shabab al Ordon players of Jordan who came to the rescue won this tournament. But let’s be real, was there ever a question that they were winners after the way they acted?

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