Shafie: Musa must take oath without delay

Avila Geraldine

KOTA KINABALU: Sick or not, Tan Sri Musa Aman must take his oath as Sungai Sibuga assemblyman.

Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Shafie Apdal said the state constitution clearly stated that a seat could be declared vacant if an elected representative failed to take his oath within the stipulated period.

“Even though he had an operation, Musa needs to come back and take his oath or else his seat will be vacant,” he told a press conference, here, today.

“The seat must be declared vacant and there has to be a by-election. The state constitution is quite clear on this matter.”

Shafie was replying to a question over whether he would extend the period for Musa to take his assemblyman’s oath after a photograph of him in a hospital bed emerged on social media this morning.

Musa’s political secretary Mohd Joh Wid had shared the photograph on his Facebook account and posted that the former chief minister had decided to return home from the United Kingdom against doctor’s advice.

But, he noted that Musa must first be referred to Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore for follow-up treatments.

Asked whether he knew when Musa would be sworn in, Shafie said: “I just read the news. Speculation has been there for months that he will be coming back soon, but not sure how soon it will be.

“What’s important is the law must prevail in this country against those who breach the law, regardless of whether it is the Immigration Act, Police Act or Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission Act. No one should be given immunity.”

Asked whether he thought Musa was really sick, Shafie said he did not know as he was not the doctor and had not seen the medical report.

In a written reply, Joh said he could not say when Musa would be returning home as they were waiting for the specialist to release him. © New Straits Times Press (M) Bhd