Shakhtar legend slams Mudryk's outing for Ukraine, says wunderkind needs guidance

Mykhailo Mudryk
Mykhailo Mudryk

Former Ukraine and Shakhtar striker Andriy Vorobey has said Chelsea winger Mykhailo Mudryk is “overrated” and needs more guidance in comments to Sport Express on Oct. 15.

The pundit said he expected better football from the Ukrainian star and stressed that Mudryk needs an individual approach.

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"I expect much more from Mudryk,” Vorobey said.

“In modern football, you need to be able to play not only in attack, but also in defense and in the middle. The same applies to Zinchenko. Against the Macedonians he did not move much.

“Mudryk needs an individual approach, perhaps a psychologist. He's like a child, you need to talk to him and lead him by the hand, even though he's worth 100 million. In fact, he is a bit overrated, but we have what we have.

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“Mudryk was given the laurels of a leader and top player too soon. He must continue putting in hard work, through sweat and through thick and thin. This is the only way he will achieve results. Yes, Mudryk has great ability, speed, and vision, but he lacks the gray matter in his head to make decisions. This comes with time.

“He is under a lot of pressure now. Perhaps it was too early for Mudryk to join a top club like Chelsea. Perhaps Arsenal was the ideal option. But it happened as it happened. Now Mykhailo has to go through this.

“Mudryk can overcome the pressure only through training, hard work, and his desire."

Earlier, Vorobey also criticized the Ukrainian national team striker who assisted Oleksandr Karavayev in the match against North Macedonia.

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