Shamans throng Shiva temples as Nepal observes Janai Purnima, the festival of threads

Kabhrepalanchok (Nepal), Aug 23 (ANI): In the middle of woods covered with mist and fog lies a pond dedicated to Lord Shiva which leads to Gosaikunda, one of the holiest sites for Hindus high in the Himalayas. Shamans beating their drums "Dhyangro" walk up and down up to the temple on the auspicious occasion of Janai Purnima, also known as the festival of threads. Donning traditional religious attire, Shamans worship Lord Shiva, considered as the chief of Shamanism. Shamans consider Janai Purnima as a day for offering of a quarter of their yearly earning to nature. Also, it is considered to be one of the auspicious days to start learning Shamanism for which students are selected by established Shamans and brought along to the pond where they would be touring. The Tagadharis-- Brahmins, Chhetris and Vaishyas change their 'Janai' (sacred thread) worn across the chest on this occasion.

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