Shanina Shaik: Wu flatters women

Shanina Shaik

Shanina Shaik says Jason Wu likes "a little butt" and "a little boobs".

The model frequently works with the designer and explained how they first met.

Shanina loves the way Jason creates outfits that flatter the female form.

"I met him through my agent. They’re good friends. We get along really well and he calls me his muse," she told WWD. "Usually when fashion week comes around I do all the fittings for his clothes before they go on the models. I enjoy it because it’s fun and I love to see all the beautiful clothes. I love his style - it’s just really sophisticated. He can be really sexy with some of the items but still keep that sophisticated feel to it. And what I love about Jason is that he really works to the woman’s body. He loves a woman’s body. He doesn’t love the up-and-down-stick-figure kind of look. He likes a little butt, a little boobs."

Shanina's first big break with modelling was working as a Victoria's Secret Angel.

Being a star of the lingerie brand's campaigns helped put her name in the spotlight.

"I think a lot of models want to do Victoria’s Secret because it does become a turning point for their career. A lot of clients see you, and it’s also a place they see your personality, too. So it’s changed my career and made other avenues for me," she continued. "Right after the V.S. show I did the Chanel [2012 pre-fall] show in Paris. That was my first job in Paris."

Shanina thanks Chanel frontman Karl Lagerfeld for signing her up for the Chanel show last year.

She described what it was like working for the legendary designer, and how her career changed as a result.

"It was a turning point for me in high fashion," she admitted. "It was quite quick how it all happened. My agent was like, 'I need you to get in your bikini and do a video for the Chanel show'. And I was like, 'In my bikini? For the Chanel show?' And he was like, 'Karl Lagerfeld wants to book you. So we have to do a video.' It was such a big show. It was amazingly put together. I really love doing shows. I get an energy when I go into the show and wear the clothes."

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