K Shanmugam and Sylvia Lim clash in Parliament over planned GST hike

Nicholas Yong
Assistant News Editor
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    Some Singaporean already can't afford 3 meals a day. And these people pushes them further to the corner.

    More news on bedok reservoir and Singapore river soon...
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    Which party is fighting for Sungaporean now, PAP? Do the people understand the impact of the coming cabon tax and 9% GST have on daily meals and transportation?
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    DragonTiger Gate
    Good to see them debate so we know next General Election who we voted them as our government. More debate please.
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    Richard quek
    Is the ruling party honest itself
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    I dunno ... can someone enlighten me is he Chief Minister of Everything?
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    Why must Shanmugam be involved in every issue that is not his portfolio's concern. He seems to think that the minister for finance is unable to answer all the oppositions' queries. He also spoke for KBW when mrt has problems. He thinks he is the most capable guy.
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    Green Lantern
    Lim responded in closing, “Sir, I’ve listened to the Finance Minister’s response. I still feel there is nothing wrong with what I said, but I’ve noted his answer.”
    Thank you Sylvia Lim for speaking up for Singapore!
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    As always, the government will also accuse WP to be the lier, and insist they withdraw statement or apologise.
    As far as the GST is concern, the government owe the citizen a good and convincing explanation, because what was spoken previously by PAP during GE2016 and Tharman are all being overruled and contradicted. WP is speaking the truth.
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    If Shan can take so many portfolios, must be very capable.. Why PM didn't shortlist him as potential successor?
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    Hi ! It's nice to see WP MP Sylvia making her closing statement, " as cool as a cucumber ". It's the VOTERS that will made the judgement and cast their VOTE accordingly...!