How to find and share your 9 most popular publications on Instagram

Ariana Grande's top posts of 2019 are generated by Best Nine

As people across the world prepare to bring in the new year, Instagrammers are commemorating 2019 by posting collages of their most liked posts of the past 12 months. Here's how you can curate your own top-nine collage.

For some, beginning a new chapter in life comes with commemorating the previous one. In this sense, hundreds of thousands of Instagrammers across the world are bringing in 2020 by uploading an image of their top nine most popular publications in the form of a 3x3 square collage. Though Instagram does not offer a tool to help users create this post, ‘Grammers can turn towards a variety of online sources to both locate their best posts and put them into a photomontage. Here are some of the most popularly used services to do so: 

Top Nine

Top Nine is available both as a website and as a mobile application and doesn't require users to provide their Instagram passwords to curate their top-nine collage. In addition to finding which posts were the most liked over 2019 and formatting them into a nine-square collage, the service also tells you how many posts you've made over the year, how many likes your publications received and the average number of likes earned per post. The grid can be customized, a video can be made of the publications, and then you can post your creation straight to Instagram.

Best Nine

Best Nine, unlike Top Nine, is only available on the web. Similarly, however, you can simply put in a username to get the top nine posts of that account based on number of likes organized into a collage. The image created can then be saved and uploaded to Instagram. The service also calculates how many likes an account had on all their posts published over the year.

Because both platforms are simultaneously receiving multitudes of requests, it takes each a few minutes to curate the collage.

It's common for users to caption their top nine post with variations of hashtags like #topnine2019, #instagramtop9, or #2019topnine. You can search such phrases in Instagram's search bar to see examples from other users' photomontages across the world. Better yet, you can caption your own top nine with one of the listed hashtags to join in the international social media celebration of 2019.